Filter Paper: Selection, Industrial Use, Advantages & Types

Filter paper is a semi-permeable paper membrane that is used for the separation of solid particles from liquids or gases. It has good absorption and filtration properties that are helpful in the process of separation. Most of them are made of cotton fibers, which in turn are made of cellulose. Filter paper for different purposes is made in different ways.

Filter Paper

Types of Available Chemstock LLC Filters

Chemstock LLC is a lab filter paper supplier that deals with a wide range of filter papers for laboratory and industrial use. Here are the filter papers for lab that we supply:

  • Qualitative Filter Papers that include the Standard and the Wet Strengthened format
  • Quantitative Filter Papers for Quantitative Analysis, Oil and Grease Testing
  • Glass Fiber Filters for TSS & high volume Air Sampling
  • Quartz Fiber Filters for Gravimetric calculations & Air Sampling
  • Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Fat Analysis Soxhlet Extractions & crude oil sampling
  • MCE Membranes for Microbiological & Environmental Testing
  • Microfiltration Membranes Holders
  • Syringe Filters for HPLC Sample Preparation

How to make the right selection of Filter paper?

With so many different varieties of Filtering Paper available, selecting the right one becomes necessary. Filter papers for lab used for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis are different. You need to make the right selection to get the correct results from your filtration process.

Selecting Qualitative Filter Paper Chemistry Lab

The following factors need to be considered for selecting the right Qualitative Filter Paper Chemistry Lab which is used to determine, separate, and identify material:

  • Chemical Compatibility- This is a measure of how stable a substance is when mixed with another substance. The Qualitative Filter Paper material should not react with the solvent to be filtered.
  • Pore Size- The pore size is the size of the pores of the filtering paper that allows the filtrate to pass through it. Denser the pore, higher is the filter capacity. Based on this, there are 13 different grades of filter paper used for Qualitative Analysis, ranging from 150uM to 320uM thickness.
  • Wet Strength- The wet strength is a measure of how well the Qualitative Filter Paper can hold when it is wet. Wet-strengthened Qualitative Filter Paper Chemistry Lab can be used for filtration of strongly acidic or alkaline solutions.
  • Filtration Method Used- For basic gravity filtration, cellulose or paper filters are used. For Gravimetric Analyses where ignition is required, glass microfiber filters must be used.
  • Filtration Efficiency- This includes the right size and the right amount of particles that can be stopped and retained by the filtering paper. The smaller the fiber diameter is, the higher is the filtration efficiency of the Qualitative Filter Paper medium.

Qualitative Filter Paper Chemistry lab can be supplied as filter paper sheets, rolls, or discs to cover all requirements of the filtration and extraction task.

Selecting the right Quantitative Filter Paper Chemistry Lab

Quantitative Filter Papers are used in applications that determine the quantity of substance included in the test specimen. This filter paper for lab is designed for gravimetric analysis and the preparation of samples for industrial analysis. It is available in three forms –Ashless, Hardened Low Ash, and Hardened Ashless.

These factors determine the selection of Quantitative Filter Paper Chemistry Lab:

  • Size of filter paper – If the filtering paper has a large size, its effective area will be large. Due to this it will offer less resistance and can be used for a long time.
  • Binder content in the filter material – This affects the filtration process. An open fiber structure of the filter paper for laboratory can be useful for the filtration of coarse and voluminous precipitates, while a tight fiber matrix in the filter paper will be good to capture fine grained precipitates.
  • Wet Strength- Quantitative Filter Paper Chemistry Lab should have high wet strength to withstand pressure and vacuum filtration. I
  • Filtering Techniques- The choice of Quantitative Filter Paper will depend on the type of filtering technique, like, washing or decanting.

Chemstock also supplies Quantitative Filter Paper Chemistry lab as filter paper sheets, rolls, or discs for various filtration and extraction tasks.

Filter Paper Use in Various Industries

  • Food & Beverage
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics & Fragrance Industry
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Research & Testing
  • Microelectronics & Semi-Conductors
  • Industrial Filter Paper

The uniqueness of Chemstock LLC Laboratory Filter Paper

Chemstock lab filter paper supplier specializes in Sterile MCE Membranes for Dispensers as well as a varied range of filter papers for lab. MCE or Mixed Cellulose Esters membranes are general purpose filters. They are used for the microbiological examination of waste or drinking water, food & beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

  • The membrane has good rate of recovery.
  • It has superior flow rates due to its highly porous nature.
  • The paper is pre-sterilized and ready to use.
  • Pore sizes of 0.45μm and 0.80μm available
  • Available both as White or Black Gridded surface membranes
  • Both Single-wrapped and Pleated Band membranes for Laboratory filter paper available
  • Pleated band membranes of the filter paper for lab have 100 individually sealed filters in a continuous band.
  • Lot Number & Membrane Specifications are printed onthe  filter cover
  • Convenient and hassle-free handling
  • Less contamination risk

Advantages of Chemstock Laboratory Filter Papers

  • Complete line of Laboratory Filter Paper products for laboratory applications
  • Suitable choice for a wide range of applications
  • Accurately controlled pore size distribution
  • High strength and flexibility of filter paper for laboratory
  • Suitable for diverse application needs
  • High Convenience factor as each unit is clearly marked with pore size and membrane material
  • High-quality standards in a modern production facility
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